Wednesday, February 4, 2009

redo #22

i tried OverDrive and MyLibraryDV on overdrive you can get just about any book, put a hold on it or get the ebook, it was very easy and all you need is a library card in good standing. i got kingdom keepers by Ridley Pearson a book set at Walt Disney World. the kids get turned into holograms and go on adventures thru the park... i also recommend the next 2 books in the series. On MyLibraryDV you can download movies to watch on your computer or anything that has an internet connection, you can also download them onto DVD's or put them on a MP3 Player. you can find allmost any movie at the click of a button. this is a good thing for the library. i believe it helps to serve our patrons because they have access to more of something they want especially if it is checked out or we just dont have it. it also helps the library because people cannot loose or steal these items.

back to #21 I liked this one because of its name, its about a goat that goes on different adventures thru learning the bible. -- this one is really cool!!!-- this link talks about Haunted Libraries SPOOKY! cool! lets take a feild trip. there were many different podcasts, some were about commonly missused and overused words, others would teach French, Chinese or Spanish, and there were others for sports, traveling & food. i think some would be useful to people because they are free and can be accessed from any computer.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

All Done?!

there certainly a lot of different things to use online, wether you are looking for a book or something to help you start writing your own book, you can find it. i have learned that there is a lot more information out there than i ever imagined. these things help get more information out to more people. there are so many different ways to learn and this was definatly a fun way of doing it!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

you tube, podcasts, downloads

you got a video, want the world to see? do you have a message for someone? chances are they'll see it on you tube, you can view a clip, share a clip or post a clip to your site. podcasts are pretty much the same but it can be viewed thru a rss feed (no ipod required), they are usually just a brief informational clip. downloadable eBooks, audio books, movies and TV programs, yeah a lot are free and easy to download, you can see a missed episode of your fav TV show or get that book the store didnt have.

# 19 almost done!!!!

There are so many online applications for just about anything. There are ones for food, games, maps and travel just to name a few. You can share bookmarks, pics all your fav stuff and these are the apps to use. "a "short list" of over three-hundred sites in forty-one categories. From there, we had some of the web's best bloggers, entrepreneurs and business people vote on winners, narrowing the field to 174 place-getters and Honorable Mentions." yeah!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Naughty Elf..... thing #18

somehow a little elf deleted my last post out of my blog.... i swear....... so i am trying to remember what all i did for thing #18... i created a ZOHO account. it was an ok if you dont have a word processing program on your computer, and it can do allmost as much. But if your used to using another program its kind of annoying. I do believe that if you had a job traveling and/or didnt have a computer with you at all times then it would be handy because you could use it on any computer that has a internet connection, and it would eliminate having things stored on disc or flash drives.

Friday, December 26, 2008


#16 & #17
Wikipedia is an informational tool to find useful information... or not. Many things on Wikipedia are very helpful, and others not. There is very good information but sometimes you have to dig for it. There seems to be a lot of information, just make sure that the information is true and not someones opinion. For instance, I looked up how to use a slim jim ( Yeah, I locked my keys in my car... grrrrrrr), there was really only one good one that gave correct and not personal information ,and it said to call a locksmith(yeah thats great!). You can find some interesting things and facts, I just wouldnt rely on all the information for a report or school project. I posted my blog on pbwiki favorite blogs.